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 Making the Most of Promenade 


Before the Show

  • Research attendees - Review the list of expected retailers, media, and other attendees. Note key contacts you want to meet.

  • Set meetings and appointments - Email key attendees and buyers to schedule appointments at your booth during the show.

  • Update lookbooks/line sheets - Have updated visuals and information on your latest collections and products to share.

  • Prepare sales materials - Have order forms, wholesale pricing guides, minimums, delivery timelines etc. on hand.

  • Design booth display - Rent fixtures, lighting, racks, shelves and order signage to showcase your brand and products.

  • Ship samples/inventory - Arrange for shipment of all products, samples and booth materials to the show.

  • Plan staffing - Have enough sales reps and support staff to fully cover your booth.

  • Brief team - Review goals, talking points, appointments with all staff working the event.

  • Business cards - Have plenty of cards to hand out.

  • Technology - Confirm tablets, payment systems, electronics needed are ordered.

  • Promotional items - Order branded giveaways or snacks to help draw buyers to your booth.

  • Follow-up system - Have a process to collect leads and follow up after the show.

  • Review FAQs - Prepare staff to answer frequently asked questions.

  • Social media - Promote your participation and tease products on social channels.

  • Shipping home - Arrange shipment back of all unused products and materials.

During the Show

  • Set up booth - Unpack and neatly arrange all merchandising, displays and materials in your booth space.

  • Check lighting, electricity - Confirm all booth lighting, electricity and technology is working properly before show opens.

  • Keep booth clean - Maintain a neat, organized booth space throughout the entirety of the show.

  • Manage inventory - Keep close track of what samples and inventory items are being shown or given out from your booth.

  • Restock when needed - Have additional inventory on hand or a plan to replenish popular items.

  • Capture buyer information - Diligently collect business cards and contact info from all buyers visiting your booth.

  • Discuss orders - Be prepared to provide pricing, minimums, timelines and other order-related details.

  • Follow up on appointments - Honor all scheduled meetings and appointments with buyers and retailers.

  • Attend educational seminars - Take advantage of any relevant workshops or seminars offered at the show.

  • Network with brands - Introduce your brand to other exhibitors and collaborate on potential opportunities.

  • Take photos - Document your booth, products, staff and visitors for post-event promotion.

  • Manage social media - Post photos, updates and engage with your audience in real-time.

  • Wrap-up meetings - Set aside time each day to meet with staff and recap the day's leads, sales, and action items.

  • Send meeting follow-ups - Quickly follow up in writing with all buyers and new contacts after meeting them.

  • Organize leads - Keep track of all new contacts and leads in an organized database.

  • Break down neatly - Carefully pack up all materials, displays and excess inventory as the show closes.

After the Show

  • Send thank-you notes - Send a thank-you email or card to all buyers and contacts met at the show.

  • Organize leads & orders - Enter all leads, orders, and new contacts into your CRM system or database.

  • Follow up on orders - Reach out to buyers who expressed interest or placed orders to finalize details.

  • Send order confirmations - Provide official order confirmations and invoice paperwork for all placed orders.

  • Create show report - Analyze results, leads, metrics and prepare a presentation recapping the show.

  • Evaluate successes - Review what products, displays, or areas performed well at the show.

  • Review areas for improvement - Note any areas that need improvement for the next event.

  • Send press kit - If media attended your booth, provide them with official brand press kit.

  • Repurpose content - Use any quality photos, videos or testimonials collected in your own marketing.

  • Issue press release - Draft a post-show press release to update the industry and media on your participation.

  • Update inventory - Make adjustments in inventory to reflect orders and items exhibited at the show.

  • Manage social media - Continue engaging with new social media followers/connections established at the event.

  • Plan for next show - Start planning and budgeting to build on this show's momentum for the next one.

  • Thank your team - Recognize your sales team and staff for their hard work.

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